The Jackson County Property Tax Sale for August 2024

Hi there! Joe Stephenson here, your guide through the exhilarating process of a tax sale.

Today, I'm going to help you navigate the steps to purchase a property at the Jackson County property tax sale taking place this August from Monday, 19th to Friday, 23rd.

Who Does This and Where?

Tax foreclosure sale auctions are conducted by the Jackson County Circuit Court Administrator twice a year, and properties are auctioned at either the Jackson County Courthouse or the Eastern Jackson County Courthouse, depending on their location.

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Upcoming Delinquent Land Jackson County Tax Sale


The Court Administrator for the 16th Circuit Court will conduct the sale of properties with a judgment of foreclosure due to unpaid delinquent taxes for three or more years.


The Delinquent Land Tax Sale (DLT) involves auctioning properties in Independence and Kansas City that have unpaid property taxes.

Bidders must register in advance, with registration forms accepted starting in April 2024. Forms must be approved 10 days prior to the sale and can be mailed or delivered to 1305 Locust Street, 2nd floor, Kansas City, MO.


For more detailed information, including bidder registration and additional resources, please refer to the following documents.


Courthouse steps at 308 W. Kansas Ave., Independence, MO from Monday, August 12, 2024, to Friday, August 16, 2024.

Kansas City

Courthouse steps at 415 E. 12th Street, Kansas City, MO from Monday, August 19, 2024, to Friday, August 23, 2024.

Buying Tax Foreclosure Property on the Courthouse Steps

Kansas City Case Information and Records

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How to Buy a Property from the Tax Sale

Step 1). Get Pre-Registered

  • Start your journey by preregistering at least ten days before the sale.
  • It's crucial to check for additional taxes owed, liens on the property, or dangerous conditions by examining County, State, Federal, and City records.

Step 2). Property Evaluation

  • After you've established that, you're going to want to make sure you're bidding on the right property.
  • With the legal description in hand, view it from the street. Please remember, do not enter the property at this stage.
  • Key Points About the Delinquent Land Tax Sale Publication
  • Publication Timeline - The DLT sale is announced in a local newspaper for four weeks before the sale begins.
  • Listing Order - Properties are listed in the publication in the order they will be called during the auction. However, some property owners may pay their back taxes or make arrangements with Jackson County MO after the list is published. Consequently, certain properties might be skipped during the sale as their status changes.
  • Auctioneer Details - The auctioneer will read out the Suit number (indicated by I or K and the year, followed by the rest of the suit number), Legal description, and the Sale amount. It's crucial to listen carefully to ensure you are bidding on the correct property since all sales are final.
  • Where to Purchase - The publication for the DLT sale can be purchased at The Daily Record, 2300 Main Street, Suite 900, Kansas City, MO 64108, or online at The Daily Record Store.
  • Bidding Caution - Confirm that you are bidding on the correct property by paying attention to the details read by the auctioneer, as mistakes cannot be rectified once the sale is final.
  • Confirmation Hearing - After the sale, a confirmation hearing will be held where other interested parties can contest the sale or confirm the purchase price.

Ensure you purchase the DLT sale publication, not the Petition for sale.

Since property owners may settle their taxes or enter an agreement before the sale, some parcels listed four weeks prior may no longer be offered during the sale due to redemption.

Stay informed and prepared so you can navigate the tax sale process effectively and avoid any potential issues related to back taxes and property redemption.

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Step 3). Auction

  • The real excitement starts at the Court Administrator’s auction, where properties are bid off. After the sale, the property pending sale will be finalized with the issuance of a recorded Court Administrator’s deed.

Step 4). Review, Review, Review

  • A word of caution, though— before signing that deed, ensure you've verified any additional taxes outside of the judgment tax for the year the suit was filed. Federal liens aren't wiped out by county tax sale, meaning that if there's a Federal Agency lien on the property, you’ll be responsible for it.
  • Also, check if there are any dangerous buildings recorded against the property. This step can significantly affect your decision to purchase or the amount you're willing to bid at the auction.

Step 5). Payment

  • When that gavel finally falls at the auction, you'll need ample cash or certified funds payable to the Court Administrator. Unfortunately, personal or business checks, and lines of credit won't make the cut.
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Important Things to Remember With Payments

  • Deposit (NO CASH) - Only Money Orders or Cashier’s Checks made out to Jackson County Court Administrator are accepted.
  • Mail Deposits to - Civil Process Department, 1305 Locust Street, 2nd floor, Kansas City, MO 64106.
  • Bidder Card Deposits - Once you receive your bidder card, you can deposit money on your card using only Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders. Cash is not accepted.
  • Include Documentation - Ensure you include a copy of your Bidder Registration Application with the Bidder number. This helps us deposit the funds into the correct account and forward a receipt to your email or address.
  • Check and Money Order Details - All cashier’s checks and money orders should be made payable to the Jackson County Court Administrator.

Government websites and local newspapers will frequently update information regarding each real estate parcel involved in the sale.

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I Can Help You With Pricing Advice and More

The road to successful property ownership through a tax sale can be challenging, but with a meticulous approach, it can be rewarding.

If you need help or want a price opinion on a property, I am here to assist.

If you're game for this experience, email or call me, Joe Stephenson. I look forward to accompanying you on this journey to property ownership through the Jackson County tax sale.

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What is a Tax Sale?

A Tax Sale is a process where properties with delinquent taxes are sold to recover unpaid property taxes.

Property owners in Kansas City who fail to pay their property taxes may have their properties listed for a tax foreclosure sale auction.

These auctions, often referred to as delinquent tax sales or delinquent land tax sales, allow the city to recoup lost revenue from unpaid taxes by selling the property to the highest bidder.

This process ensures that the local government can continue to function and provide services despite the shortfall caused by delinquent taxes.

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