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Licensed Real Estate Agent Content Writers and SEO Experts for Hire

Yes, we only work with licensed real estate agents for content writing.

Our team consists of highly experienced real estate content writers, each possessing a real estate license and over a decade of hands-on experience in the industry.

This expertise ensures that the content we create not only resonates with your audience but also ranks well on search engines, thanks to our deep understanding of real estate SEO.

We put in the extra effort by combining the skills of seasoned real estate bloggers and SEO experts who are also licensed agents, we provide unparalleled real estate writing services.

We can help you transform your website into a powerful lead-generation tool with captivating, expertly crafted content tailored to the real estate industry.

Bryan Reynolds from Lawrence KS and his SEO Services
Bryan Reynolds

SEO Expert, Content Writer and Licensed Real Estate Agent

"Imagine a future where your real estate business thrives online, constantly generating leads and engaging your target audience."

Providing Writing Needs for any Real Estate Business

Use Case Description
Property Listings Crafting engaging and detailed descriptions for residential and commercial properties.
Agent/Broker Profiles Writing compelling bios that highlight experience, expertise, and personality.
Website Content Creating informative and SEO-optimized pages for services, areas served, and company information.
Blog Articles Producing regular blog posts on market trends, buying/selling tips, and community news.
Social Media Posts Generating engaging content for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect with a wider audience.
Email Marketing Writing persuasive email campaigns to nurture leads, announce new listings, and provide market updates.
Newsletters Developing informative and visually appealing newsletters to keep clients informed about the latest developments.
Advertising Copy Crafting compelling ad copy for online and offline campaigns to attract potential buyers and sellers.
Landing Pages Creating high-converting landing pages for specific marketing campaigns or property promotions.
Brochures and Flyers Designing and writing persuasive print materials for open houses, property showings, and events.
Press Releases Composing press releases to announce new developments, company milestones, and other newsworthy events.
SEO Content Writing keyword-rich content tailored to rank well in search engine results and drive organic traffic.
Video Scripts Developing scripts for property tour videos, agent introductions, and market update videos.
Virtual Tours Creating descriptive and captivating copy to accompany virtual tours of properties.
Client Testimonials and Case Studies Writing and editing testimonials and success stories to build credibility and trust.
Guides and E-books Producing comprehensive guides and e-books on topics like home buying, selling processes, and investment strategies.
FAQs and Knowledge Base Articles Developing helpful FAQ sections and detailed knowledge base articles to answer common questions.
Event Promotions Crafting promotional content for real estate events, seminars, and webinars.
Legal Documents and Contracts Ensuring clarity and readability in legal documents and contracts related to real estate transactions.
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Benefits of Using Licensed Agents for Real Estate Content Writers

Feature Benefit
Expertise Our licensed real estate writers bring a wealth of knowledge to your content marketing strategy, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
Experience With years of experience in real estate blog writing, our writers understand the nuances of the industry, providing high-quality content.
Authoritative Content written by authoritative real estate content writers builds credibility with your audience and enhances your brand's reputation.
Trusting Real estate clients trust content from licensed professionals, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.
Time Saving You won't need to spend much time correcting them because they are already experts, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your real estate business.
Persuasive Our writers excel in real estate copywriting, creating content that persuades and converts potential buyers through compelling property descriptions and marketing materials.
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Real Estate Content Strategy

Build your online presence with our comprehensive real estate content strategy, crafted by experienced real estate writers to drive sustainable growth.

Our expert real estate content writers will create content that is SEO-optimized and designed to transform your website into a lead-generating powerhouse.

Feature Benefit
Content Planning Our real estate content writers meticulously plan your content strategy to align with your business goals and attract high quality traffic.
Keyword Research Expert keyword research ensures that your content targets the right search intent, improving visibility on search engines and attracting potential clients.
3-6-9-12 Month Plans We offer flexible planning options (3-6-9-12 months) to continuously adapt and optimize your real estate content marketing strategy for sustained growth.
Expert SEO Our SEO experts are also licensed real estate agents who ensure your content ranks well, driving organic traffic and increasing your reach.
Property Listings We create compelling property listings that capture the attention of your target market, increasing engagement and potential sales.
Blog Writing Our blog writing services provide valuable insights and information, positioning your website as an authoritative source in the real estate industry.
Quality Control We maintain rigorous quality control to ensure that all content is accurate, engaging, and aligned with your brand’s voice and objectives.
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Multimedia Content Needs

Editing and development services for the following

  • Podcasting
  • YouTube videos
  • Instagram reels
  • YouTube shorts
  • Marketing resources
  • Spreadsheet templates

Customized HTML Tools

We can create custom tools for your website. Maybe you need a specific calculator for your area, or a name generator idea, or a downloadable asset for someone sopping around? Work with use and let's see what we can do.

For the Real Estate Industry

Who Could Benefit Benefits of Content Writing
Real Estate Agents Enhance online presence, attract new customers and generate new leads through well researched content created by a real estate writer.
Real Estate Brokers Build brand authority and trust with potential clients by posting relevant blogs and social media posts.
Property Developers Promote new projects and developments to attract a wider audience and generate new leads.
Real Estate Investors Gain insights about specific area market conditions and investment opportunities through original content crafted by a freelance writer.
Property Management Companies Offer helpful information on property maintenance and tenant relations, written by a real estate content writer.
Commercial Real Estate Firms Educate clients about commercial property investments and highlight available spaces using great content that aligns with your brand voice.
Real Estate Marketing Agencies Create compelling content for client campaigns and develop targeted content marketing strategies to drive the sales funnel.
Home Builders Promote new construction homes and share success stories to attract new leads without extra cost.
Real Estate Appraisers Explain the appraisal process and provide market analysis to improve your site's search engine ranking.
Mortgage Brokers and Lenders Educate buyers about financing options with the help of great content, and provide tips on improving credit scores.
Real Estate Attorneys Offer legal advice related to real estate transactions and share articles on property law to attract a new audience.
Interior Designers and Home Stagers Showcase design projects and provide decorating tips to draw in new customers via Google searches.
Real Estate Technology Providers Promote software solutions and tools for real estate professionals with well researched content that targets your specific area.
Title Companies Explain the title process and provide guides for buyers and sellers to enhance your site's visibility on search engines.
Home Inspection Services Educate clients on the importance of home inspections and share tips to become a trusted source of helpful information.


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